Monday, October 5, 2009

What inspired me ?

I'm 28 and have for most of my life been on the plumper side. I have not been obese though. And so, I felt that I had to do something to feel lighter and slimmer and younger. Everybody around me that did and did not matter to me did think that I must be at least 35. This got me inspired to try out something new. Being a photographer myself, I thought I'd see to what extent I could make myself look better slimmer and smarter using my photography skills. I set up the lights got my friend to do a shoot for me. We tried a lot of lighting styles. But the best of the shots still resulted in me looking quite fat. I decided, "That was it, I have to reduce". Moreover having this uncle like look and a complimentary belly would not be the best thing to flaunt.I needed a change,and badly too.And so I took the plunge. I had college kids calling me uncle and my cabbie convincing me that it was time I settled down in life and the local street chat guy re -onfirming that I was "Atleast 35 and married". Not to forget my little neighbor Raksha stating that Arvind anna doesn't look like how he did before(not that I was a dude 'er something back then)

The whole idea of putting up this blog was to make sure that I would have the world keep a watch on me. During all my previous attempts to lose weight, I either stopped half way or had already gained what I needed in life through weight reduction. This time there was just no looking back. I also registered on and was the only member from Sanjayanagar. Three months is my first milestone and 6 months, the next. If you are inspired enough and wanna jog along just email me at To follow this blog click on the "Follow me" button on the top right corner of this screen.

Meanwhile, here is another picture for you to laugh at :)

Photo Courtesy: Praveen V
Accessories: Zodiac, Auburn Hill and Casio
Studio: Madmanscam Studios
Cameras: Canon India


  1. Nice Article....Thats cool you're on the runner's site...there are great tips there...I've been through the same yaar and for the time I am so proud and happy.

    Also, here are a few very simple and workable tips..Point is no matter how much you control diet and exercise its all external...the best way to burn is to teach your body how to burn calories by itself without external help (exercise) Thats whats called increasing your metabolism. This works great...
    Here are 2 very very simple things you can do immediately to increase your metabolism:

    Eat as soon as you wake up and I'm not joking huh, seriously just shove whatever you can in...makes a difference because you're telling your body to start the machine of burning...Drink water while you're at it. Think of it this way, there's an annoying begger holding on to your feet at the traffic light and you can give whatever small change you see in your purse to shoo them away.

    When you sit down to eat anything lets say. Divide it by 2 and wrap it up in a plate/bowl. Keep it aside in your bag/room/dining table. Eat it exactly 2 hours later. I say this because lot of people complain that they cannot make items every 2-3 hours and its time this is my trick...

    Hope this will help :-)

  2. Hey Ag,
    Thata a really nice article by you ! I will try exactly that! I could not get enough exercive today and so will do some crunches. That should help.

    Ill follow that lets see how it goes :0


  3. Yeah, even if you find old chutney from yesterday on the dining table when you wake up in the morning - just eat some...the body basically knows that food is available today so it can be active.

    Exercise in the morning always...It might be hard but just somehow skip 500 if you dont have the time to run...but do something active in the morning - again, that's the cue for the body to understand to wake up and burn calories...There's no point do cardio related workout after 4pm...your body naturally shuts down by wont burn dont eat anything that is heavy after 6pm....