Saturday, October 10, 2009

Out of sight is out of mind!

Come Saturday afternoon and I could smell the hot dhal'rice and gojju in the kitchen.It was 4 days since I had started eating right, meaning no more rice and other fatty items.The wheat bread and egg white sandwiches with pepper were too dry and boring.The final decision whether to eat all this was mine.After literally 'weighing out my options' I decided to eat rice but within limits so as to avoid any craving at a later stage which would put my entire regimen to shame.I remembered the previous day when i avoided some good looking so called unhealthy food and later when I was away from it, I totally forgot about it and didn't really have that dying urge to eat i decided I'll eat little potions of the sumptuous meal my mom had prepared.So the key was to eat right.I server myself small portions of Of whatever my mom had prepared.

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