Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eating Healthy

That was some response I got for this blog. So here is the latest update. I'm just trying everything to achieve this. I got varied responses on what I will need to eat. A friend offered to give me her left over Green Tea bags. Wheat Rusk is also light and fat free. I could not resist eating all this when others were feasting on Biriyani. I still had 3 glasses of tasteless Green Tea. But if that helps why not. I had a really long jog this morning totalling 4 kilometers. I could not sweat since the weather outside was quite cold. I intend to play basketball tomorrow since that is good fun and also doubles up as exercise too. A fruit bowl in the afternoon also helped keep my stamina up. I've kept a deadline of 3 months to reduce my weight and will pick up a weighing scale to monitor the improvements over time. Will be blogging again tomorrow.

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